The shooting and the video for the launch of the social project “Land in Eden” were performed on 14th and 15th May 2012 inside the Edenlandia- the theme park in Naples. The project was planned by a dynamic team of young and creative artists together with Anna Utopia Giordano, an artist and photo model who held the art direction of the project. The graphic design and communication of Land in Eden were edited by the artist IABO, well-known author of performances and installations in the area of Naples like the l’I Like at the Palazzo San Giacomo for the exhibition “Luminaries”.
Land in Eden was planned to widespread a positive message for Edenlandia, setting the prêt-a-porter creations, inspired by the characters of the fairy tales created by the artist Alessia Caliendo (creator of the brand “Little Black Dress”), worn by Anna Utopia Giordano, photographed by Elia Vaccaro and filmed by Luigi Russo.
Leonardo Barilaro is part of this team as well. He signs the soundtrack of the video, the makeup artists Annamaria Sarpone and Maria Concetta Graniero, the hair-stylist Giovansante and the assistants Vittorio Curzio, Veronica Borsini, Raffaella Mazzara, Anna di Sarno.
Five locations were chosen for this project, using the main attractions of the park (Castle, the Pirate ship, Little Train, The Ghost Castle, and Old America). This fascinating event is part of an art itinerary involving many other Italian and European shows (for example the Fashion Camp in Milan on 8th and 9th June and the meeting at the Museum Het Valkhof in Holland on 22nd June 2012 ). It will be widespread using the most famous online communication tools.

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